Thursday, 29 April 2010


This week has been one of those weeks were I seemed to have been really busy, however seemed to have faffed around quite a lot and then before I knew it, it was Thursday. I do know however that I have been focussing on the promotional aspects of Lucy Jay and I am trying to spread the word of my scarves.

I have worked on a press release for my collection, which initially I felt totally out of my depth about writing despite previous experience working in PR agency, however once I got going I enjoyed it and was really happy with what I achieved. I did however do a substantial amount of research before hand so I knew I was on the right track and that it was going to look as professional as possible. The following are the important aspects of writing a press release:

  • Start strong to immediately catch the readers attention.
  • Write for the media, as often they will just take your press release and publish it without changing too much of it.
  • Make sure what you are promoting is something people will want to write and read about, why should they care? Why is your product so unique and amazing compare to everything else out there?
  • Ensure you add all the technical stuff, in my case for example, price, size, fabric etc.
  • And finally, format the document correctly, making sure you proof read it, so that grammar is all above board and that you have not written everything in CAPITAL LETTERS WITH A LOAD OF EXCLAMATION MARKS!!!!
So there you go what I learnt about writing a press release. I will we are talking about press, Ebony David has written a lovely article about Lucy Jay in her blog post today. Check it out, the blog cover all aspects of fashion, art and culture and is a great read, check it out.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

M.I.A's new single, I really love the song, but even though the video has been edited really well in relation to the song, not to sure about it, see what you think ?????

I will definitely be buying the album though, actually quite excited about it!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Yacht + Tea = No Jet Lag (hopefully)

Finally made it back from America all in one piece and it is all back to normal now, with a bit of jet lag. So I am slowly but surely getting back into everything today and have a maaaasive list of things to do from emails to some photo shop work. So far I have written the list, just need to do it all now! A cup of tea is in order and some good tunes...

Yacht were supporting LCD Soundsystem in London on Friday/ Saturday night... they are great I love them and sure to get me going today.

And, well if we are going to mention LCD Soundsystem it would be rude not to put on one there tunes too, it's an oldy but a gooden.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Clash Mash...

... the name of the third and final wall of Supermarket Sarah's pop up shop in Selfridges; the name fits the style of Lucy Jay perfectly. These pictures are from her blog and tomorrow my boyfriend is going to go check it out for me and take some more snaps so you can see. You can see my Patrick Scarf just behind the maniquin's legs. It all looks great!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Supermarket Sarah

It is all very exciting, as tomorrow my scarves will be on sale in Selfridges for a weeks as part of Supermarket Sarah's pop up walls she has been creating over the past two weeks, with this wall being her third and final one. So if you happen to be around the Oxford Street part of London pop in and check them out!


So, I was due to be on a flight back to the UK from America this evening, however due to the volcano myself and my family are not going anywhere and remain here in Texas, for, well I do not know how long, I do not think anyone really knows. Hm, so what to do?

Well I plan to go back to Lucy Jay in the morning, as I intended to do so if I was back home, however, my location is a lot different to what I am used to...

The Locals
My Temporary Wheels
City Centre
Morning Commute

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Last Week

Last Week was amazing, this is where I went I what I did and got lots of ideas for Lucy Jay...

SAN FRANCISCO, beautiful city.

My Family and San Francisco Sky Line
Golden Gate Bridge


L.A., crazy city.
Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood (the closet I could get to the sign, it was impossible to see!)
Venice Beach
Laguna Beach
I am now in Houston Texas and heading to Dallas on Friday to my cousins wedding. In the meanwhile I have planned some serious shopping trips. I will be sure to pop some more pictures up soon.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


I am off on my hols (jollies, trollies, whatever you fancy calling them) tomorrow to America on a road trip down the Pacific Coast High Way, which is very exciting!

We are starting off in San Francisco then making our way down to LA; from there we will be flying to Houston, where my Aunty, Uncle and cousin Amy live to then drive to Dallas, where my other cousin Matt is getting married to his lovely fiance Angela, so a big family reunion is on the cards and I can not wait!

I have had to therefore leave Lucy Jay for the next two weeks which has meant the past few days being busy making sure all the odds and ends are sorted with the printer and finishers, website designers, etc. However, I have had to rope my boyfriend Pat into helping me out to run a few errands and make a few calls for me next week, so next week he is the new Lucy Jay!

I intend to update my blog when I can on my trip with photographs, stories and everything else that may happen along the way... so speak to you on the flip side, or should I say the state side!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Photo Shoot

I woke up this morning with an email from Sarah who had sent me all of the pictures she had edited from the photo shoot and they look AMAZING! Not only has Sarah done an amazing job with her wonderful photography skills, but so has Jodie and the make-up looking beautiful on the model Nomi. These are a few that I particularly liked and I now have the difficult task of choosing a select few that I want to feature in my look book... enjoy...

All images © Lucy Jay Ltd 2010

Photographer - Sarah Patel
Make Up - Jodie Smith
Styling - Rosie Keating