Wednesday, 31 March 2010

My Brother Owns 52 T-Shirts... Mental!

I have been working on my portfolio the past few weeks; I feel like I keep blogging about doing so and not really getting anywhere with it and not having anything to post to show you my progression. This is sort of true as I am progressing with it slowly but surely, however I have been side tracked by some really exciting projects Lucy Jay has coming up, I will let you know about them within the next few weeks, I am really excited about it all, but you just need to hold on until I can tell all.

In the meanwhile I wanted to post this selection of images; they are by one of my favourite photographers Ben Rayner whose work I have been following for a while now and was always inspired with at uni and these images always seem to crop up as a form of inspiration ever since then. I just love the retro prints and the idea that this guy (who I think is Ben Rayners friend) has a really cool collection of jumpers to document and has done so through these portrait photographs. They are a really nice selection of images, despite being very simple.

(Maybe I should do something similar with my brother... he brought home from uni the biggest bag of washing I have ever seen, of which consisted of 52 t-shirts... have you ever known anyone to own as many t-shirts as that, mental!)

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sneak Peak Of The Photo Shoot

I will post them all as soon as possible, they are being edited at the moment, but I could not wait to show everyone at least one!

Photography - Sarah Patel
Make Up - Jodie Smith
Styling - Rosie Keating

Sunday, 28 March 2010


This week has been crazy busy with my photo shoot on Thursday and all the preparation leading up to it, but despite all of this, on the day everything went perfectly and the pictures look so good! They are in the process of being edited as we speak so I will be sure to post them up as soon as I get them at some point next week. I am so happy with them and can not wait to share them with everyone, I can then talk more about the shoot then and go into more detail with it all.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me on the day: Sarah, the brains behind it all and an amazing photographer, Jodie, the make-up artist whose talent I could not have been without on the day, her work made everything perfect and of course the model, Nomi, who looked beautiful in my scarves. I also want to thank my friend Rosie who came along to help me with the styling on the day. She was complaining that I have not mentioned her in my blog yet, or put up a picture of her... so here you go Rosie and thanks again you are the best!

Since then I have been working on a project on the side of Lucy Jay scarves, which I pretty much complete today, however I am going to keep you in suspense and reveal all about that in a few weeks when everything is totally complete... so keep your eyes peeled because it is really great and I have been so happy to work on it all the past few days.
The coming week it us a case of my website all being finalised which I can not wait for and continuing with my portfolio. I also am heading to America on Sunday night for my cousins wedding (WOO!) so preparation is all go for that, my mum is sitting by me writing what looks like a very long list as we speak.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A Shoe-Tastrophie!

This is the best fashion label ever, A Romance Was Born! I wanted to put them in this post as I felt I should share the love before I started ranting about shoes... it has been one of those days...

... I am not a fan of white shoes at the best of times and now I have the mission on my hands of having to find at least one pair for my photo shoot on Thursday so they fit with my white colour scheme, a harder task than I had initially thought. I am not sure what I thought would happen... a beautiful pair of white wooden healed clogs would jump out at me in the first shop I went to I would buy them and happily we were on our way... I can only wish.

Despite this I was trawling around the shops today and yesterday in that lovely drizzly rain and to be fair do not have anything that impressive to show apart from a very frizzy head of hair.

What I did come across was these shoes pictured below. Yes I know they are not that beautiful clog dream I created, but bear with me.

I quite like the nineties chunkiness and style about them which will look great paired with some of the long skits I have already collected for the day. There is the risk that the outfits may look like me on non-school uniform day twelve or so years ago, but no harm in giving it a whirl. After all it is the scarves I want everyone to be looking at and not the shoe and skirt combination.

And to rub salt into the wound even more, as soon as I log onto when I gat home my dream shoes for the shoot are staring me in the face. Well if they were in white. Maybe I am being a bit picky and just need to get on with it.

They are so beautiful though...

I have also been listening to Jack Penate today. I havn't for ages and it sounds so good.

Monday, 22 March 2010


It was my boyfriends birthday last Tuesday and then mine on Saturday so we were doing lots of Birthday things last week, hence the lack of posts, sorry. We went to see Blood Brothers in the West End on Tuesday, which was amazing, I did hold back the tears at the end, I am not going to give it away for those who have not seen it, but I highly recommend it.

Then we went for Teppanyaki on Saturday night to a place called Sapporo in Liverpool, again it was amazing! Paul was out chef who was doing all sorts of amazing tricks while cooking our food and we were all sat going 'oooo' and 'ahhhh' as he lit lots of things on fire and flipped things into his hat to then toss everything onto our plate in a beautiful arrangement and it tasted great too!

But back to work this week and all my attention is on the photo shoot on Thursday; I am heading to Manchester today as I have organised a press pull in American Apparel, this meaning I am able to go into the store and choose up to eighteen pieces to borrow for my shoot. I contacted most of the high street stores and American Apparel were the only ones who were willing to help me out, this is great as there style of clothing fits with what I am looking for as I am going to keep everything very neutral, plain and white so that the attention remains on my scarves themselves.

This will work great on the model who has very fair hair, eyes, skin and will look great modeling my scarves.

In addition, I have organised a similar process in various boutiques and vintage shops, in Liverpool, Manchester and London so that on the day there will be a large variety of clothing that we can mix and match to create the perfect look.

I have also got to sort out clothing rails, screens for the model to change behind and steam irons so everything is looking perfectly pressed. I have created a book of photographs too so I know exactly the different ways I want the scarf to be present and tied so we will not have to mess around with that on the day. Also, I am going to take lots of food to keep everyone going through the day!

While all this is happening I am still working on my portfolio and ensuring that will be ready in the next few weeks as well as working along side the website designer to ensure that it all going smoothly.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Cupcakes/Portfolio/Cats/More Cupcakes/ More Portfolio

Yesterday myself and my friend Dan went to Notting Hill and paid a visit to the 'Humming Bird Bakery'... there was lot's of mmmmm's and arrrrrrr's and mmmmm's and then some more arrrrrr's coming from us both while we, well, pretty much demolished the cupcakes. Not sure how else the cakes can be described apart from... A-MAZING!

This week I am wanting to start putting together a portfolio of my Lucy Jay work that will include design ideas, photographs from the look book after the shoot next week and some mood boards of my inspirations. I always enjoy portfolio work because I quite like fafffing around on the computer with text, layouts, photos and all of that kind of stuff.

I have been doing some research for inspiration of layout and ideas for my portfolio when I come to presenting it. I came across the work of WAFA, this an acronym for We Are Fucking Awesome, which is very true, because their work is great. I love the collage style and the text with the photographs and how they are all built on top of one another.

I would like my portfolio itself to be less of the sketch book style that WAFA use, however their layout ideas with the combination of images and text have really given me some great ideas.

And helping me out today is Tiggy... my boyfriends sisters cat. She thinks walking over my laptop and jumping on my head is a great game. But she is too cute so I can't complain

Friday, 12 March 2010

Nice Comb Over

I have had these images on my computer for a while now and have been meaning to post them. They are a selection of post cards designed by Carolyn Sewell who is a graphic designer that combines a really cool illustration style with different slogans, from funny to romantic to very random. They are great, or should I say awesomeness (don't think that will catch on if I keep saying it will it?). Check them out anyway...

And just quickly...


Have a good weekend!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Lisa Mitchell and Her Lucy Jay Scarf!

Last night Lisa Mitchell played a gig in Manchester's Night and Day and she was looking beautiful in her Lucy Jay scarf! I went along to the gig myself and it was great. Thanks for the shout out Lisa, hope you had a good night too!

Check out her new single Oh! Hark!